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PT. Lingkar Kreasi is a legally registered company in Indonesia and is subject to the regulations and laws of the Republic of Indonesia. As the operator of the website, PT. Lingkar Kreasi pays close attention to the security and privacy of user data who use our services. Therefore, we have developed a privacy policy to explain how we collect, use, and protect user data.


The Privacy Policy is an agreement between the website operator and the user regarding the collection, use, storage, and protection of user data on the website. The aim is to provide certainty and security for users regarding how their data is processed and used.

How Device Data is Collected

When users access the site, the data collected includes device data, operating systems used, browsers used, and demographic information for statistical user analysis purposes that will be used for the development of our website in the future.

Site Stores Cookies

Cookies are small files sent by the website server and stored on the user's device. We use cookies to store user preferences, provide personalized services, and collect user statistical data. Users can change their cookie settings in their browser.

How User Data is Collected

If users register as members, clients, or partners of PT. Lingkar Kreasi, the collected data will be used by users to access the member, client, or partner dashboard.

Explanation of User Data Collected as Members, Clients, or Partners:

  1. Full Name: Used to identify users in interactions with PT. Lingkar Kreasi.
  2. Email: Used as a username and as a contact so that the system can provide information such as OTP information, billing information, news information, and others to users.
  3. Mobile Number: Used as a username and as a contact to be contacted via phone, WhatsApp, or SMS, so that the system can provide information such as OTP information, billing information, news information, and others to users.
  4. Password: The password is collected but will be encrypted in the system to be stored securely.
  5. Company Information: For smooth business cooperation, all information about the company will be requested, especially the brand name, legal company name, and address.
  6. Person in Charge Company Information: Each person in charge will be asked for data starting from their full name, position, email, WhatsApp contact number, and mobile number.
  7. Content Information: Each content is the data submitted or uploaded by users for the purpose of using the services and products of PT. Lingkar Kreasi.
  8. Payment Information: All payment method data is not stored, the system only stores the payment transaction results.


PT. Lingkar Kreasi guarantees that all user data is protected and will only be owned by PT. Lingkar Kreasi as the sole owner and will not be sold or traded and/or disseminated and will only be used for the purposes of business cooperation between users and PT. Lingkar Kreasi and for legal purposes between users and PT Lingkar Kreasi. The site is also equipped with SSL encryption and a firewall to protect it. PT. Lingkar Kreasi is ready to follow up on all complaints or requests for further information from users. If there are any questions or complaints, users can contact us via the email addresses below:

Service-Specific Complaints:

Legal-Specific Complaints:

Payment Transaction-Specific Complaints:

By accessing and using our site, users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the contents in this Privacy Policy. PT. Lingkar Kreasi has the right to change the contents of this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Therefore, users are expected to always pay attention to and review this Privacy Policy page regularly.

Thus, we hope that this Privacy Policy can provide clear and transparent explanations about how we collect, use, and protect user data. Thank you for using our services."

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